About Us

Stuart's Garage Door Services is a family operated small business specialising in service and repairs to all types of garage doors. We offer expert advice on servicing, repairing and maintaining your garage door. We pride ourselves on price and quality. We have 20 years experience in the garage industry, and have a vast range of knowledge to provide a solution for all your garage door needs.

Service area: All of Melbourne

Typical Service Fee: $88 + parts *

*Price listed is the average service fee. Prices may vary.

  • We can discuss all your garage door needs whether it be a standard service to check the operation and safety of your garage door
  • We can make things easier by turning your manual door into a automatic door so it will open on a press of a button
  • Do you have a noisy garage door?
  • Does your garage door crash to the ground?
  • Does your garage door not open and close where it should?
  • We can fix any of your broken parts on your garage door - we can replace power arms, wheels, hinges, brackets, cables and springs and more....
  • What ever your problem just give us a call and discuss and we will find a solution to your garage door

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