Q1. How often should I get my garage door serviced and what does a service include? 

A1. Your garage door should be serviced every 12 months, to cover your warranty and make sure your garage door is safe. Your garage door service includes:

  • Checking door tension adjust if needed
  • Adjusting chain if applicable
  • Checking and lubricating all moving points
  • Checking spring tension and adjust if needed

We can let you know if anything else if needed

Q2. Why does my door go up and stops half way? 

A2. It could be for a few different reasons:

  • Your spring tension needs to be checked
  • Motor function needs to be tested
  • Limit settings to be checked

If there is an indication there is something wrong with your garage door, it should not be overlooked.

Q3. Why is my garage door very noisy?

A3. Your door would need adjusting, lubricating and should not be overlooked


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